Saturday, January 3, 2009

A great Traveller’s toolkit

BootsnAll has recently relaunched their Traveller’s toolkit. It is a great place to get first hand information about various aspects of travel. There is a plethora of allied information. For the ecotraveller there is a separate space chockfull of ideas.

The main titles are Accomodation Travel Guide, Transportation Guide, Budget & Money Travel , Travel Gear Guide, BootsnAll Insiders, Eco Travel Guide, Travel Gear Guide, How to Travel Guide, Family Travel Guide, Guidebooks & Resources, Food & Travel Guide, Travel Health Guide, GLBT Travel Guide, Travel Jobs Guide, Languages Travel Guide, Travel Safety Guide, Living Abroad Guide, Travel With Pets Guide, Senior Travel Guide, Solo Travel Guide, Travel With Disabilities , Student Travel Guide , Volunteering Abroad Guide, Teaching Abroad Guide, Women's Travel Guide and Work Abroad Guide
I recommend this Traveller’s Kit unreservedly. Click here to go to their site