Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ranweli Holiday Village Sri Lanka

Ranweli 18 Km away from Colombo International Airport is located in a coastal wetland estuary amidst mangroves. An area rich in bird life it encompasses an area of 9Ha. A paddle ferry across a lagoon gets you to Ranweli. Ranweli Holiday Village was a runners up in the Environmental Experience Category of the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2003. It also has the distinction of being selected by the World Tourism Organisation as one of the top 55 'Good Practices' Enterprises in Ecotourism. Budget Travel rated it among the world's 10 best ecolodges. Good practices like using treated waste in the gardens, promoting environmental and cultural education, supporting Conservation,ensuring benefis to the local Community are followed here. Check out this place if you are going to Sri Lanka.

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