Sunday, June 8, 2008

InterContinental Hotels Group plans 100% ecologically-friendly hotel

The InterContinental Hotels Group has come out with plans for 100% eco-friendly hotel. Latest technology in energy and water conservation and recycling has gone into the planning.

The important features are

Solar panels on the roof to heat water

Wind power to generate electricity for the hotel

A green roof planted with low-maintenance plants

A rainwater harvesting system to supply water to toilets

Furniture and fittings made entirely from recycled materials

Using household waste to provide heat and power

Natural lava stone signage at the entrance and on the lawns instead of traditional plastic and metal signs

Furniture in the reception made from recycled material

Recycling paper used by the receptionists

Low emission paint d├ęcor

Unused food from the kitchens packaged and delivered to local charities or food banks

All furniture and fittings including towels made from recycled materials

Usage of low-flow shower heads and dual flush toilets.

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