Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tourism of doom

Tourism of doom is a new word coined by travel industry specialists for the growing number of tourists flocking to far-flung corners of the world to see endangered natural wonders before they disappear. These include melting glaciers, shrinking tropical rain forests, threatened coral reefs and other places these tourists believe will be destroyed in a generation due to climate change.
Tourists visiting the melting glaciers in the Antarctic have increased so much that cruises must now be booked well in advance. During the 2007-08-tourist season about 46,000 tourists visited Antarctica an exponential doubling of figures in five years time. Churchill in northern Canada described as “Polar Bear Capital of the World” is also flocked by tourists of doom. This same logic is ascribed for a rise in the number of foreign visitors to Africa’s wildlife reserves.
Let us hope that this tourist influx does not hasten the doom. Prudently planned the influx can be used to tap the money urgently needed to further the cause of conservation

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